Product description


SCANPOL® 62 is designed for the improvement of the environmental conditions of the treated waste water regarding organics and inorganics  impurities  and also for the improvement of the physical and chemical parameters, to the odour elimination and to the microbiological contamination elimination in already treated waste water




This biosubstance consists of the special starting broth, the microbiological composite of the nonpathogenic microorganisms which cause the disintegration and the degradation of the harmful substances: ammonia, nitrite, sulphate, hydrogen sulphide,  indole,  skatole,  mercaptan, phosphorus compounds and the other 1-carbon and multicarbon organic compounds.


SCANPOL® 62 have an ability to combine the heavy metal, to lead the required fermentative process and to change the pH of the wastewater; can limit the growth of the pathogenic bacterias.




Biosubstance SCANPOL® 62 used in an amount of 20 g per

1 m3 of sewage or dirt projected at batch treatment. An average dosage of SCANPOL® 62 and SCANPOL® 61 when adding to continuos treatment of waste water is between 5 -20 gram per 1 m3 treated water( the detailed dosage is set individually for each target).


 Biosubstance is secure for the people, the animals and an environment and does not require special precautions when used.


The validity period is 24 months since the date of the production placed on the package.