Who we are ?

By choosing us you focus on our many years of experience in the industry.

A well-established international sales network, highly qualified staff and solid specialist knowledge in the field of chemicals, equipment and consulting.

SCANDRILL provides industry with much more than chemical products and high-quality equipment. We are technical experts, we provide professional advice and support in the field of optimal solutions for any company. Our qualified and well-trained employees ensure that our clients are always offered products and solutions that best meet their needs.

Why us ?

Why Scandrill?

At Scandrill S.C. we make every effort to ensure that our clients achieve optimal and cost-effective results in wastewater and water treatment processes.

We always use the best available technologies on the market and introduce innovations and develop new technologies. In this way, our clients make the most of their processes and enjoy the most environmentally friendly products.


We always try to be at the forefront of the development of sustainable technologies.


Our modern technology helps our clients meet strict regulations on water treatment processes.


We work with passion so that all customers receive the highest quality products.


We are committed to fast and efficient service for our clients.



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We are looking for distribution partners around the world in the distribution of our products and solutions.

Contact us to find out if we have the possibility of distribution in your market.

As a distribution partner, you can expect access to our market-leading products and solutions, as well as extensive support and service to help you build your market.

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