Product description



SCANPOL® 87 PRECIPITATION AGENT has been developed especially for the treatment of spent rinse water, half concentrates and concentrates from metal finishing, powder painting and PCB industries.

SCANPOL® 87 PRECIPITATION AGENT precipitates contamination’s and metals from the solutions. It is especially adopted for the treatment of spent solutions when low discharge of heavy metals, phosphates and fluorides is demanded.

The most suitable way to control the treatment is in proportion to the flow. It is very suitable for a through flow or a batch treatment plant for treatment of black chromate solutions, cleaners and other types of process water. The applications referred to are just a few areas of use for the product. Since the product is very versatile in a number of treatment areas it is possible that it has further potential applications of use which has to be evaluated based on the users demands and conditions.

The precipitated metals form stable flocks that settle very rapidly and are easy to separate. The clear decant contains a very small amount of suspended solids and the COD, phosphorus and fluoride content is significantly reduced.




Composition:            Mixture of acid components

Description:              Clear, yellow liquid

Specific gravity:        1.320

pH:                              under 2




– The amount of sludge is significantly reduced compared to standard ferric chloride – lime  treatment.

– The treatment time is very short.

– COD, phosphorus and fluoride content including metal content is significantly reduced.




It is possible to treat most types of process water from the metal finishing and PCB industry with SCANPOL® 87 in a waste treatment plant in batch or through flow mode.

For the treatment of process water it is recommended that the equipment for dosing of SCANPOL® 87 is controlled by time or flow. The dosing pump could be directly attached to the container in which the solution is delivered or to a separate holding tank in which the solution is stored.






To obtain best possible results during the treatment of process water it is recommended to collect rinse waters, half concentrates and concentrates in a separate collection tank. Under normal conditions the pH will vary in this mixture of solutions.


Batch treatment:


The pH value of the collected process water is first adjusted to pH 3,0-6,0 with sulphuric acid. 0,5 – 1,0 l/m3 of SCANPOL® 87 is then added. The exact amount to be added must be determined through trials in advance. Finally the pH is adjusted to pH 9,0 – 9,5 with sodium hydroxide and flocculating agent SCANPOL® 55 is added.

The clear decant can be separated and the sludge is dewatered in a filter press.


Through flow treatment:


SCANPOL® 87 is added in proportion to the flow to the pre neutralisation. Recommended amount 0,10 – 0,15 l/m3 of process water. Finally the pH is adjusted to pH 9,0 – 9,5 with sodium hydroxide solution, than flocculating agent SCANPOL® 55 is added and the sludge is separated in a lamella separator. The sludge is dewatered in a filter press.

Separate proposals for treatment plants and complete equipment for dosing are available upon request.




SCANPOL® 87 PRECIPITATION AGENT is a acidic solution and prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided. Normal working precautions should be taken when handling the product.

– Use proper eye protection, gloves and protective clothing when handling the solution.

– Upon eye contact, irrigate immediately with excess water and obtain medical attention immediately.

– Upon skin contact, flush affected areas with excess water and obtain medical attention if necessary.

– Study the Safety Data Sheet before handling the product.



264 kg. polyethylene drums or 1320 kg. polyethylene containers.


Store the solution in the original package separated from alkaline, oxidising or organic agents and cyanides. Avoid exposure of direct heat.

Storage temperature: 0 – 25°C.


Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information given in this technical data sheet is correct, Scandrill Polska SC gives no warranty, express or implied, relating to the use or performance of this product.